Kep Estate Properties has been founded in 2011 by a Cambodian businessman who returned to the Kingdom from Canada in the early 90s and a French entrepreneur with an extensive international experience in construction. It has been created to answer the needs of local and foreign investors eager to invest in a more secure environment while being able to participate to the economic rebirth of the city through real estate.


Kep Estate Properties (K.E.P) presents a showcase of 14 villas built “Turn Key” with European standards, nestled in the foothills of Kep National Park about 5km from town.

Park View Villas offers the opportunity to acquire a piece of land from 1189 sqm to 2030 sqm with all the amenities and build a villa.


Kep Estate Properties aims to create projects designed to respect the serenity and calm of Kep. Our homes are incorporated in the city’s nature and community while offering high standard properties to local and foreign investors.


Kep Estate Properties started as a real estate agency and keep this legacy to serve the needs of our clients. We are daily mapping the city to find for you the best deals available. By trusting us, you will ensure successful and secure transactions.

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