The city of Kep

The city of Kep

Located in the Gulf of Thailand, southern coast of Cambodia, Kep is the quintessential destination for nature’s tranquillity and an exclusive lifestyle experience. Offering mountains and a seaside along with a mid sub-tropical climate, Kep provides all the proper requirements for relaxation and healthy journeys.

Established as such in 1908, Kep was Cambodia’s most prestigious beach town. The French and Cambodian Elite made it a thriving resort town until the early 1970s. Kep’s modernist villas were unique, reflecting Cambodia’s golden age of architecture: they were a perfect composite of modern movement and traditional architecture.

After the difficult times of the Khmer Rouge Regime, Kep has been transformed into a quiet seaside town and is now becoming a premier beach gateway again.

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Phnom Penh

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Sihanoukville airport

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