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Developed by Kep Estate Properties




Kep Estate Properties (K.E.P) presents a showcase of 14 villas built “Turn Key” with European standards, nestled in the foothills of Kep National Park at about 5km from town. Park View Villas offers the opportunity to acquire a piece of land from 1189 sqm to 2030 sqm with all the amenities and build a villa.
This real estate development is a first of its kind in Kep and is a unique opportunity to own a premium property at unbeatable prices in the heart of the beautiful and serene nature of Kep.
K.E.P. will take care of the design, engineering and construction of your future home. Our Site & Construction Supervisors are Europeans and they have trained an experienced team of local builders/workers to cater specifically to your needs. Our villas are elaborated and built with international standards. They are a perfect and subtle dosage of style and practicality and are adapted to the environment and the climate of Kep.
Our strategic partnership with Archomatik, a well-known architecture and design firm, ensures the quality of every product we deliver.





Kep, located on the southern coast of Cambodia (Gulf of Thailand), is an exquisite destination for connoisseurs looking for nature’s tranquility and an exclusive lifestyle experience.
Surrounded by salt fields, mountains and the sea, with a mild sub-tropical climate, Kep offers the ideal conditions for relaxation and healthy journeys.



Established as such in 1908, Kep-Sur-Mer was Cambodia’s most prestigious beach town. It was a thriving resort town for the French and Cambodian elite until the early 1970s.
Constructed between 1953 and 1970, Kep’s modernist villas were unique, following Cambodia’s golden age of architectural modernism, blending elements of the modern movement with traditional Khmer architecture, known as New Khmer Architecture.
After difficult times during the Khmer Rouge regime, Kep has been transformed from a quiet seaside town back into a premier beach getaway.





Several businesses recently developed with tourism: pharmacy, bakery, grocery stores, banks, ATMs, as well as restaurants and hotels.
With the improvement of road infrastructure. Kep is just 2 hours away from Phnom Penh, 1 hour from Sihanoukville airport and 20 kilometers from Vietnam.
In addition, Kep is home to an extensive national park. In Kep, tourists can enjoy a variety of tourist attractions such as natural mountains, mangroves, islands, sea grass coral reefs, pure sea air. Several islands lie off the coast, Koh Thonsay is just a short boat ride away.

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Management regulations

When purchasing a property in Park View Villas, owners sign a Management Regulation Contract which defines rules and regulations within the coumpound for private and commun areas.
A booklet of these regulations is available, along with information on monthly management fees.


K.E.P offers different management services for property owners:
Swimming pool maintenance
House cleaning
Property Rental
Contact for insurances, banks, tax issues, etc