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We have many questions from customers about the legal part.
Foreigners has to many interrogations, because in Cambodia you cannot directly buy a house or a land.
What Kep Estate Properties is doing since the opening 5 years ago, is to give foreigners the right to have their own home.
We are daily working with legal advisers in Phnom Penh. They help us to write contracts, and all legal advices for companies and clients.
We established together a contract called Long-Term Lease Agreement. This agreement is made between two parties :
– A Cambodian citizen, owner of a Cambodian ID Card
– A foreigner who wants to buy a land or a house
This Long-Term Agreement allows you to buy a land or a house in this little asian piece of paradise for 50 years, renewable 50 years. 
Concerning Park View Villas, we also worked with legal advisers to link three contracts : 
  • Long-Term Lease Agreement
  • Construction Agreement
  • Management Agreement
If you want more information, contact us and it will be a pleasure to send drafts of the document, and answer all your questions.