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For over 6 years, home has been our purpose. A house, or a land define us how we are, and this is our mission to make you feel comfortable when you are at home. 
Kep Estate Properties has been created by two men, friends before being business partners. 
One day, they think about giving to Kep what it deserves. It means return to the time where it was the city to see in Cambodia, the place to stay and enjoy vacancies in front of the Gulf of Thailand and many islands. 
6 years later, Kep Estate Properties is unique in Kep City and we are proud of it. It offers services and western advices on Cambodian real estate industry. 
We are creating trust between customers and us. In fact, you are not customers. We are partners, because you participate to build Kep as it is. And we are also proud of it. 
By offering you an exclusive customer service, we are giving you access to unique properties in one of the best place to stay in Cambodia. 
Our experts are present to answer all your interrogations. Legal advices, economic issues, real estate in Cambodia, we are offering customized solutions in responses to our clients’ needs. 
But living in Kep is not only « having a house ». Living in Kep is adopting a unique lifestyle, between mountains, rice fields and sea, and this is why we are by your sides. Helping you, in many ways, to make you feel at home not only in your house, but also in Kep. 
Honesty, trust and innovation.